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Best Of Nashville Tours & Events

Best of Nashville Tours and Events is a company that provides a consistently higher level of service to our clients, to be more creative, and to be able to focus on the little details that make each trip more memorable. Our image is one of consistency, respect, dedication, and relentless, unsurpassed customer care.

If you are a tour operator, group leader, meeting planner, or “family reunion organizer” for big or small groups, we have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to create a customized package that will exceed your expectations!

Let us show you our favorite city……

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Tour Planning
When you entrust your travel plans to us, you can forget all your worries.  We know the area we serve inside-out and upside-down. We’ve already inspected all the hotels, we’ve eaten in the restaurants, we’ve seen the theater shows and attractions;  we can help you plan the perfect trip.
You’ll enjoy the convenience of having only one company to call and one invoice to pay.  We’ll make all the reservations, and we’ll worry about all the details so you don’t have to.
You can enjoy confidence and peace of mind knowing you’re working with a name you can trust.  Best of Nashville Tours and Events personnel has over 30 years’ experience.
On-Site Assistance
We provide 24/7 telephone support and are always here to assist you with anything you might need at the time of your tour. You’re never alone in Nashville!
Save Money on Reservations
As a Receptive Tour Operator, we do a large volume of business with all the local suppliers and negotiate special rates so we can pass these savings on to you.
Our rates to you are lower than you would get if you made the reservations yourself and in this day and age, every little bit counts! We can book all your reservations and save you a little on our discounted hotels, restaurants, and attractions. A little bit here and a little bit there adds up to a more affordable tour package for you!
Step-On Guides
We have a large staff of knowledgeable and people-friendly step-on guides who help to make every tour extra special. They understand that you’re here to learn about the area: the people, the religions, the industries, the history…and they have endless facts and interesting stories to share. But they also know you’re here to have FUN and they make sure you do!
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The Nashville Airport has surpassed 10 million passengers for FY 2013 (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013). The only other time BNA has exceeded 10 million passengers was in 1993 at the peak of the American Airlines hub. Read the press release.